Crowdsourcing in Scholarly Peer Review

An independent, third-party, no-profit, academic project aimed at quality rating of scholarly literature and scholars.

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Enter the url of the publication'.pdf' you want to evaluate, and express your score from 0 to 100.
If you haven't finished reading yet, you can annotate the pdf with a link that will allow you to express your rating later.
Your rating weighs in relation to your reader score and your reader score depends on your ability to correctly evaluate the publications (more details).
You can also choose to vote anonymously (in this case your reader score will not change).

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Browse the list of publications that have already received at least one score. You can download the annotated pdf and evaluate them by contributing to the final score.
You can also browse the list of readers, see their score and download the annotated PDFs of the publications they have rated.

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If you install the Chrome extension of Readersourcing, you can evaluate publications directly from your browser.